Post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy or belly

By | September 21, 2013
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Post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy or belly

Do not forget to continue the post-natal exercises that you learnt in the hospital. Make exercise a routine at home.

More about post-natal exercises

While you are happy with the arrival of the baby and trying to return to the routine, don’t  forget to regain the tone of your abdominal, thigh, hip, perinal and pelvic muscles. Shed the extra fat and reduce your weight.

Continuing breastfeeding for at least six months (but as long as you can comfortably do it) considerably assist in regaining a good figure.

post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy

Over and above this, it is advisable to practice post-delivery exercises as detailed below.

Household work as an exercise:

When you resume doing housework – do not delay it much – keep your posture straight and your muscles of the abdomen still more flabby and increase the waistline rather than make it trim.

Climbing stairs helps you to reduce weight overall:

Contract your abdominal muscles and then climb upstairs. Remember to walk two stairs at a time.

Standing exercises will help reduce tummy:

Contract your abdominal muscles while you stand. Bend forward from the hips while you hold the back of a chair. Try to push the chair with the contracted muscles of the abdominal wall.

Stand with contracted abdominal muscles against a wall. Try to flatten the middle of the back against the wall.

Lying-down exercises:

To begin with, lie on back, hands behind the head. Now, slowly raise yourself to the sitting position.

Lie flat on back, arms stretched overhead. As you sit up bringing forward the body, try to touch the toes with your hands. Repeat several times.

post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy

Lie flat on the back, feet crossed. Now make the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks tight by contraction.

Kneeling exercises for women after delivery:

Begin by kneeling on all fours, keeping your head high. As you contract the abdominal muscles, tuck your head under the arched back.

As you keep your abdominal muscles contracted, kneel, sit on the heels and roll the head down on the knees.

All these post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy or belly, will also enable you to reduce weight overall and regain your figure.

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