How to deliver a baby in an emergency

By | November 9, 2013
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How to deliver a baby in an emergency  or how to deliver a baby at home

Place the woman in left lateral position until the baby starts delivering. Then she can be allowed to roll on to her back and draw her legs up for bearing down.

Keep her covered with blankets until the baby starts delivering.

Put a clean cloth under her buttock.

how to deliver a baby in an emergency

Place a clean pad over the anus. Moisten her lips with water if she feels thirsty.

Ask her to push as when passing stools, whenever she gets pains.

Tell the mother to stop pushing and pant between pains. When the anus bulges and the baby’s head becomes visible, support it from the front as it emerges.

When the widest part of the head is through, make pressure with the pad on the anus in the forward direction to deliver the head. Check that there is no membrane covering the baby’s face. If present, remove them.

Check that the umbilical cord is not around the baby’s neck. If it is, slip it off over the baby’s head.

how to deliver a baby in an emergency

Deliver the rest of the baby by holding its head.

Suck out fluid in the baby’s mouth and nose with a rubber bulb.

Dry the baby’s head and trunk. If it does not cry immediately, stimulate its feet by tapping on them gently.

Wrap the baby in a dry towel.

Clamp the umbilical cord at two places when its pulsations stop.

Cut it between the two clamps with a new razor blade or scissors that have been kept in boiling water for at least 10 minutes.

Do not pull on or cut the umbilical cord. When the placenta separates, the cord appears to lengthen and there is some bleeding vaginally. Then pull on the cord and deliver the placenta attached to the other end of the cord.

Examine the placenta and membranes to see if any portion of them is left behind. If it is, it needs to be removed or severe hemorrhage may take place.

Clean the external genitals of the mother with a hot sponge or a clean cloth. Put one or two cotton pads there.

Give her hot tea, coffee or milk.

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