Medical tourism

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Medical tourism – List of the best medical tourism destinations, advantages of medical tourism and top spa and health hotels in the world in various countries. Medical tourism refers to a patient moving from a highly developed nation to other country for medical care, usually to find treatment at a lower cost.

All about medical tourism destinations and spots worldwide !

The other factors responsible for medical tourism include – long wait times for certain procedures and the ease and affordability of international travel.

Also there are significant improvements in both technology and standards of care in developing nations. Read the medical tourism statistics of countries to get a fair idea.

Today, practically every type of health care, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and complex specialised surgeries like hip replacement and dental surgeries are available in less developed nations. Hence medical tourism in india has become an important source of foreign exchange earnings.

medical tourism

Traditionally patients have journeyed from less developed nations to major medical centers in highly developed countries for medical treatment that is unavailable in their own countries.

The top destinations in the world for medical tourism are

Singapore, India, Thailand, Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Hongkong, Jordan, Brunei, Columbia, South Africa, Philippines, Ukraine, South Korea, Columbia, Cuba, Hungary, Malaysia and the UAE.

Every year, more and more Americans  and British nationals are looking across the border and overseas to get their medicine. Estimates are that, more than 200,000 Americans a year travel beyond the border for cosmetic procedures alone.

As patients and businesses realize they can save up to 80 percent on pricey medical procedures, the medical travel industry is booming.

Why should you search for a good medical tourism destination?

Many factors – the lack of a uniform regulatory body, varying malpractice laws and the idea of undergoing invasive medical procedures in a developing part of the world, cause people to question whether the savings are worth it.

medical tourism

Language and cultural barriers also can make communication with doctors and nurses frustrating for some Americans. Americans are used to being direct with their physicians, often peppering them with tough questions and expecting straightforward answers.

Though it is obviously much riskier than if you went to a place down the street where they have a piece of paper on the wall that says they’ve been certified by the state and other organizations, it’s still worth it.

So go ahead, finalise the medical tourism spot, speak to the doctor and hospital, book the best hotel in the city, get the surgery / operation done and get back to good health soon.

Health tourism provider

A health tourism provider or medical tourism provider is an organisation or a company which seeks to bring together a prospective patient with a service provider, usually a hospital or a clinic.

If the patient is crossing international borders to obtain medical care, then that individual would usually be known as a medical tourist. These groups are generally facilitators and developers of medical tourism, which brings into play a number of issues that do not apply when a patient stays within their own country of origin.

medical tourism

Some such organisations and companies specialize in certain areas of healthcare, such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry or transplant surgery, while others are more generalised in their approach, providing multiple services over a wide range of medical specialities.

Medical quality standards vary around the world, and international accreditation is relatively new. For these reasons, potential clients may face unknowns and risks related to quality, safety and ethics. Medical tourists look to health tourism providers to provide information about quality, safety and legal issues, but the quality of such information and services varies.



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