Home remedies for chickenpox

By | September 16, 2013
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Home remedies for chickenpox scars and spots in children and in adults

Chicken Pox is a highly contagious disease, occurring usually in children. It usually affects children in the age group of three to four years. In most cases, in adults and if the child is older, the attack is more severe.

Causes and Symptoms of Chickenpox

Chickenpox usually begins with a low grade fever, a mild headache and a feeling of weakness. A rash appears on the skin on the first day of the disease.

This is in the form of tiny red spots on the skin, mostly on the upper back or chest. In most severe cases, a rash may appear on the face and lower extremities.

The papules turn into blisters and finally become pustules and form scabs, which fall off. They come in successive crops, so that while some are drying, others are beginning to form.

The skin scars and spots, usually clears after a few days and the child feels well again. The duration of the disease ranges from ten to twenty-one days but is usually between fourteen and seventeen days.

Chicken pox is caused by a virus. Many researches believe that the disease is closely related to a much more serious condition known as shingles or herpes zoster that affects adults.

home remedies for chickenpox

The basic cause of the disease, as in most cases of childhood fevers, is however, persistent wrong feeding of children, which results in diminished defense mechanisms of the body

Home remedies for Chickenpox

Brown Vinegar: The use of brown vinegar is one of the most important among the several home remedies found beneficial in the treatment of chicken pox. Half a cup of this vinegar should be added to a bath of warm water. This will relieve the irritation of the skin.

Pea water: Green pea water is another effective remedy for relieving irritation of the skin. The water in which fresh peas have been cooked can be used for this purpose.

Vitamin E Oil: The use of vitamin E oil is valuable in chicken pox. This oil should be rubbed on the skin. It will have a healing effect. The marks left by chicken pox will fade away by this application.

Honey: The use of honey as an external application has also proved valuable in chicken pox. The skin should be smeared with honey. It will help in the healing of the disease within three days.

Herbal Tea: A mild sedative herbal tea can also prove beneficial in the treatment of chicken pox.

This tea can be prepared from any of the herbs like chamomile (babunah), basil (tulsi), marigold (zergul) and lemon balm (billilotan). A little cinnamon be sipped slowly several times a day.

Dietary Considerations

To begin with, the patient should be put on a juice diet for a few days. He should be given plenty of raw fruit and vegetable juices. Lemon juice is considered to be especially beneficial.

home remedies for chickenpox

As the condition improves, the patient can be placed on an all-fruit diet for the next few days. Thereafter, he may be allowed to gradually adopt a well-balanced diet, with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other Measures

A small warm-water enema should be administered daily during the initial juice fast to cleanse the bowels. The patient, whether children or adults, should be kept in a well-ventilated room.

As light has a detrimental effect upon the eyes during an attack of chicken pox because of the weakened condition of the external eye tissues, the patient should shade his eyes from the direct light or the room should have subdued light.

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