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Home remedies for fever in toddlers and infants – Fever refers to a condition of the body in which the temperature goes beyond the normal. It is also characterised by disturbance in the normal functioning of the system.

Best home remedies for fever !

Fever generally begins with slight shivering, pain in the head and various parts of the body, thirst, and great lassitude.

The flow of urine is scanty. As the fever rises, the pulse and respirations become faster. Finally, there is profuse sweating, a copious flow of concentrated urine, and general relief of symptoms

The term ‘fever’ has a very wide application. It is the symptom of a body’s fight against infection. It is one of the most common features of several diseases.

In many cases, it is a secondary symptom of the disordered state of the body with which it is associated.

home remedies for fever

The real cause of all fevers, including common fever, however, is the accumulation of morbid matter in the system due to wrong feeding habits and unhygienic conditions of living.

Fever is, thus, a natural attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of toxic matter.

Different home remedies for fever include:

Fenugreek: A tea made from fenugreek seeds is equal in value to quinine in reducing fevers. This tea should be taken twice daily.

It is particularly valuable as a cleansing and soothing drink. Fenugreek seeds, when moistened with water, become slightly mucilaginous, and hence, the tea made from them has the power to dissolve a sticky substance like mucus.

Saffron: A tea made from saffron is another effective home remedy for fever. This tea is prepared by putting half a teaspoon of saffron in 30 ml of boiling water.

The patient should be given a teaspoon of this tea every hour till the temperature returns to normal.

Apricot: A cup of fresh juice of apricots mixed with one teaspoon of glucose or honey is a very cooling drink during fevers.

It quenches the thirst and eliminates the waste products from the body. It tones up the eyes, stomach, liver, heart, and nerves by supplying vitamins and minerals.

home remedies for fever

Grapefruit: The juice of grapefruit is a valuable diet in all fevers. It quenches thirst and removes the burning sensation produced by the fever.

Half a glass of grapefruit juice should be taken with an equal quantity of water.

Bloodwort: Bloodwort is one of the best known herbal remedies for fevers.

A hot infusion of the herb prepared by steeping 15 gm of the herb in 250 ml of water should be taken twice daily. It will induce perspiration, which will, in turn, cool the fever and expel toxins.

Dietary Considerations for fever

The patient should be put on a fast of orange juice and water at the beginning of the treatment.

The procedure is to drink the juice of an orange in a glass of warm water every two hours from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

After the temperature has come down to normal and the tongue has cleared, the patient may adopt an all-fruit diet for a few more days. In this regimen, he should take three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits.

Thereafter, he may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet according to his age, with emphasis on fresh fruits, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Other Measures

While the patient is on a orange juice fast, a warm-water enema should be given daily to cleanse the bowels.

Cold compresses may be applied to the head in case the temperature rises above 39.4 degree or 103 degree F.

If this method does not succeed, a cold pack may be applied to the whole body. The procedure is to wring out a sheet or any other large, square piece of linen material in cold water.

home remedies for fever

It should be wrapped twice right round the body from face downwards. The body should then be covered completely with a thin blanket or similar warm material.

This pack should be applied every three hours during the day while the temperature is high, and kept on for an hour or so each time.

Hot water bottles may be kept on the feet and against the sides of the body.


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