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How to handle tools safely – With increasing technological progress, the services of mechanics for handling power and garden tools are becoming more costly and also difficult to get. Hence, many people prefer to do their own household repairs in their spare time.

Tips on how to handle tools safely

This requires the use of tools some of which are sharp and heavy, and some of which are electrically operated. Adequate precautions need to be taken for the safe and proper use of these tools.

It is important to read the instructions that come with any tool before using it.

Do not wear a tie, scarf, dangling jewellery, ring or loose clothing while working with any kind of tool or repairing any machinery.

Use safety goggles or hand gloves, etc. – as the situation requires. The regular prescribed glasses may shatter and hurt the eye if hit by a flying piece of wood or metal unless these are safety glasses.

how to handle tools safely

Use spark resistant tools made of aluminium, brass, plastic or wood in places where inflammable substances or gases may exist.

The work area should be dry, clean, and well-lit.

Maintain tools with care and commonsense as recommended by the manufacturers.

Check for cracks in the wooden handle of a hammer or an axe. It may result in the metal part of the tool flying off and hitting someone hard. Replace cracked handles.

Blunt tools can be more hazardous than sharp ones because they require more force and have a greater chance of slipping. Hence, keep the tools adequately sharpened.

How to handle power tools safely

Never carry a power tool by its electric cord or a pneumatic tool by its air hose.

how to handle tools safely

When carrying a plugged-in tool, do not keep your finger on the starter button, else you may accidentally start the tool.

Disconnect tools during servicing, and while changing any accessory such as blades, drill bits, cutters, etc.

Keep electric cords clean and away from heat and sharp edges.

Use proper guard, face shield, etc. and keep observers away.

Use a 3-pin, properly grounded plug. Do not use electric tools in a wet or damp area.

Hand tools with plastic handles like pliers and screwdrivers are not necessarily electric-shock proof. Hence, always stop the electric current before using any hand tool on electric wires or electrical appliances.

How to handle garden tools safely

Gardening involves the use of sharp tools and chemicals in the form of fertilizers and insecticides. To keep this hobby free from any mishap some important precautions need to be taken.

A gardener should have tetanus shots regularly. Some bacteria from the soil, or cuts caused by a rusty tool, can cause tetanus.

A gardener should wear full-length trousers so that no insecticide spray can harm, or pieces of stone churned over by the lawn-mower can hit his legs directly.

how to handle tools safely

It would be ideal if good eye-safety glasses are used. Do not spray while wearing contact lenses since the chemical in the spray can damage them.

Shoes that cover the whole foot should be worn to protect from insect bites, insecticide sprays, and from any gardening equipment which may fall on one’s foot or which one may step on accidentally.

Insecticides, DDT, gamexine and other chemicals must be stored in a locked cabinet and each container or packet properly marked.

Children should not be allowed to handle these items, which should be kept well out of their reach.


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