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Picnics and food safety tips – How to enjoy school picnics and company picnics. A picnic is a wonderful way to relax and spend time in natural surroundings. It involves delicious food, fun-filled games and sometimes, a campfire.

Important picnic and food safety tips

If you keep in mind a few precautions, the fun and joy will not be spoiled by an accident, when you go to enjoy school picnics and company picnics

Picnic food and precautions

Keep each sandwich in a separate plastic wrapper and keep them all in an icebox so that they remain fresh.

Picnics and food safety

Use small containers for pre-cooked food so that the core of the container can also get cold in the icebox, otherwise, the food in the middle will remain warm and may get spoiled.

Cook the food well. Bacterial poisoning is a real danger.

Do not leave salad, etc. in the closed trunk of a car for long. The high temperature inside may spoil it. Milk, meat, fish, custard, etc. should be finished quickly or they are likely to get spoiled.

Wash hands very thoroughly. Do not decide they are clean by just looking at them because you cannot see the bacteria crawling about.

They exist even though they are not visible. Wash knives, picnic tables, cutting boards, etc. too.

In a jungle or grassy area, be careful of snakes and insects, etc.

To light a fire for cooking, gasoline or kerosene should be sprinkled very lightly on the charcoal or wood. Too much of fuel may form an explosive mixture with air and explode in your face on lighting.

When a fire is already burning, do not pour more fuel directly onto the fire, since the flames can travel very fast towards you. Use a ladle instead to add the fuel to the fire.

Picnics and food safety

Do not touch a hot cooking grill nor let any loose clothing come into contact with it.

Bon fires and precautions

Always go for the camp fire away from combustibles such as tent, plastic materials, bed sheets, electrical wires, waste paper etc.

Preferably keep the fire small and do put it out completely before leaving the place. A few buckets of water or sand should be kept ready for use in case of emergency.

If children are going on a picnic with friends (or with school or club), find out the names, addresses and phone numbers of their friends, the places being visited, mode of transport, time of departure and return.

Also they must inform their parents or guardians –  in case they are delay more than expected.

Adhering to these picnics and food safety tips, will go a long way in ensuring that your loved ones enjoy school picnics and company picnics.


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