First aid tips on drowning

By | October 26, 2013
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First aid tips on drowning

A person who does not know how to swim can drown accidentally if he falls into water. It may also be homicidal.

Persons who know how to swim may drown too, if under the influence of alcohol, or if there is head injury at the time of the fall and the person becomes unconscious.

Water enters the airway so that asphyxia develops. A little amount of water enters the lungs too, and damages them.

First aid tips on drowning – for the rescuing person

Do not swim out to rescue him unless you have been trained as a lifeguard.
If the water is not too deep, wade through it to get him out of it.

first aid tips on drowning

Do not wade out if the nature of the bottom of the water is not known, because you may fall into a hole or a bed of quicksand.

If the victim is near the shoreline, extend a long stick or pole towards him. Pull him in when he grabs it.

If he cannot be reached by a stick, throw him a lifebuoy or a plank that he can float on. Tell him to keep his face above water.

Use a boat to reach the victim, if one is available easily. Tell him to climb in when you reach him. If he cannot do that, ask him to hold onto the boat while you row him back to land.

first aid tips on drowning

First aid tips on drowning – for the victim

Put the victim on the ground, face down. Clear the airway of any foreign body.

Elevate the middle part of his body with your hands under him to make any water in the lungs to drain out.

Do not try to force the water out from the stomach. Give artificial ventilation until normal breathing is restored.

Remove wet clothes and put on dry clothes. Keep him warm with blankets and hot water bags.

Do not allow him to sit up. Give him hot tea or coffee to drink.
Send him to a hospital as soon as possible.

These first aid tips on drowning when taken seriously, can help save a life.

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