How to stop bedwetting

By | November 16, 2013
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How to stop bedwetting – Bedwetting causes and medicine for children. About 25 per cent children fail to acquire bladder control even after the age of three years. Such a child does not just wet his bed at night; he fails to wait when he gets an urge to pass urine even during daytime.

Tips on how to stop bedwetting explained !

Boys suffer more often than girls. In a considerable proportion of cases, there is a family history of such a problem – in father, in mother or in the siblings.

Doctors call the condition enuresis. Since the bed-wetting usually occurs during night, it is also known as nocturnal enuresis. The cause of enuresis is not always clear – in fact, it is only infrequently precisely defined.

Physical factors like threadworm infestation, infection of external genitals or urinary tract and anatomical defects in urinary tract are responsible in some of the cases.

Too late or improper bladder training by the parents is also an important contributing factor. A general consensus is that enuresis may be a manifestation of family conflict and maladjustment – that is, too strict parents, rejection, jealousy or rivalry among children.

how to stop bedwetting

An erratic handling of the problem by the parents causes further anxiety to the child. His condition, therefore, gets more aggravated. Your doctor, when contacted, will interview you as also the child to find the causative – at least accompanying emotional factors.

A complete physical check-up as also urine and stool examination, X-ray of lower spine to rule out urinary tract infection, threadworm infestation or anatomical defects may be ordered by him.

Treatment of the underlying disease will cure enuresis. In a large majority of cases no definite cause has been found. Encouragement and not scolding is the most important measure that is going to be of value.

You should boost him to have dry nights. In fact he should be offered a special pat and even reward on such occasions when he does not wet the bed.

Also, protect the mattress by a waterproof sheet. Restrict too much of fluids, including tea and coffee, in the evening, especially towards bedtime.

You should make it a point to wake him up once or twice during the night and make sure that he voids.

If the child is a five-year-old or above, you may make use of a device, and electric buzzer, which is designed in such a way that the child wakes up from noise as soon as the special pad on which he sleeps is wet by a few drops of urine.

The device is based on condition reflex response. This technique requires a trial for three months or longer. Most doctors will prescribe a table of imipramine (Depsonil) or amitryptyline (Tryptanol) at bedtime for about six to eight weeks.

how to stop bedwetting

Some will supplement it with a small dose of diazepam (Calmpose or Valium). Whatever line of management your doctor suggests for the child, remember that you should never let the child feel guilty. Never put him to shame by scolding him, especially in the presence of guests.

For the child who wets during daytime too what is most important in management is the positive parental attitude. Train him to hold out as long as possible as and when he feels like urinating.

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This way he will be able to train his bladder to hold more before it empties. Finally, impatience, insecurity, anxiety and too rigid parental attitudes are the solid bottlenecks in the successful management of enuresis.

how to stop bedwetting

You should review the family situation as also do some heart-searching if your child has had such a problem.

Developing an emotional bonding with children will definitely help kids to stop bedwetting.

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