How to ride your bike safely on the road

By | December 17, 2013
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How to ride your bike safely on the road – Though motorized two-wheelers bikes provide speed at a low cost, they do not provide safety. A two-wheeler accident usually proves more damaging and more expensive than one on a bike or in a car.

Tips on how to ride your bike safely on the road !

To reduce the frequency and severity of accidents, one should follow all the defensive and safety procedures.

Keep the vehicle properly maintained. Check the conditions of clutch, brakes, light, horn, tyres and fuel gauge, orientation of rear view mirror etc.

Not more than two persons should ride on it. Each one should wear a helmet securely fastened. These are among the most important points to remember, when you want to ensure that you ride your bike safely on the road.

how to ride your bike safely on the road

Monitor the traffic behind, using the rear-view mirror to see if someone is trying to overtake. Give him way as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians, cyclists, school-children, animals, slippery roads, pot-holes, etc.

Follow all the road safety rules, overtake with extreme caution if you must, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Be extra careful at night and during bad weather such as rain, dust-storm, etc.

Carry a first-aid box for emergency use.

how to ride your bike safely on the road

It is very important to control speed when going downhill.

If you are tired or/and caught in heavy traffic, or when the road is uphill, walk with your bike rather than ride on it.

How to ride your bike safely after rainfall

In rain, take care that your raincoat does not get stuck in a wheel or pedal.

During or after rainfall or snowfall, the road is likely to be slippery. Ride slowly and watch out for oil patches, water puddles, icy patches, etc.

Do not brake hard lest you skid and fall. Keep good distance from other traffic since bikes as well as other vehicles need longer distances to come to a stop on a wet road. Be cautions and turn slowly on such roads.

Riding bikes in bad weather

In cold weather, protect your hands with appropriate gloves but ensure that hand movement or grip is not restricted.

Ride slowly during bad weather.

Watch a video shot on the streets of Madrid Spain and ensure that you are riding your bike safely on the road.

If you have to stop in a hurry, do not completely slam on the front brakes. This could result in skidding of the bike. Apply both the brakes cautiously and gradually.

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