Problems working mothers face

By | November 16, 2013
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Problems working mothers face – The question of maternity leave, breastfeeding, creche, mother-in-law, maid help and father’s support. If the mother holds a full-time job, it is but natural that she would be disappearing from the house for the whole day at least during the weekdays.

Important information on the problems working mothers face !

It is during the first three years of life that the child needs the mother most to satisfy his physical and emotional needs. Hence when mothers work, it may seriously disturb the child, causing what doctors call separation anxiety. To say that a substitute may take place of the real mother at this stage is simply imagining too much.

But what seems ideal may well be just not workable in the case of lots of women who have got to work and earn out of necessity. The number of such working women is steadily increasing .

For, if the husband’s income is not supplemented in these days of price hike and cut-throat competition, proper housing, clothing, food and other amenities for the family will not be forthcoming.

If you are a working mother but have an understanding mother-in-law or some other woman in the family, she can prove a boon to the baby while you are away at the office, etc.

Else, you will need a maidservant to look after the baby. Before taking such a babysitter in your employment make sure that she is good-natured, affectionate to the baby and well-versed in baby care.

Her habits should be clean and hygienic. She should not be suffering from any such disease as skin problem, intestinal worm infestation or tuberculosis. Mind you, a bad ayah may prove a nuisance rather than useful to the baby and the family.

problems working mothers face

If you have a crèche in your neighbourhood, you may leave the baby there while you are away. Ensure that the crèche is really dependable, otherwise your baby may suffer.

When it is work that is interfering with the care of the child, you must discuss things with the husband and other elders in the family. Chances are that a solution will be found so that you can take time off to look after the “little one”.

Remember that there is no alternative to your spending time with the baby. Avoid reading thrillers and excessive socializing when the child is young.

The question of breastfeeding

Just because you are working is a bad reason for stopping the healthy practice of breastfeeding your baby. Most organizations provide maternity leave, six weeks each before and after the delivery.

Even after resuming duties at the workplace you can (you should, in fact) continue with breast feeding. Just a few days before resuming your work, you may gradually replace the day’s feeds with the bottle.

This involves expressing your milk in a clean container with a lid and storing it in a refrigerator upto 24 hours. If you don’t have the fridge, it can be stored at room temperature for 12 hours only. As long as you are at home, continue breastfeeding, trying to give the feed soon before you leave and soon after you return home.

When you are away to the working place, your mother-in-law or the caretaker can feed him the expressed milk in a bottle or with a spoon.

Since the first three years of life are so important in the upbringing of the child, full period of breastfeeding is ideal for the child. This is not only of immense use of the child but also provides great satisfaction to you.


Ready-help for problems working mothers face

Maternity Leave:

The three to six months maternity leave provided by governmental and many semi-governmental and public sector agencies to their female employees is indeed a boon for the working women.

problems working mothers face


Making use of a professionally-run nearby crèche (a sort of day-care centre) with a good environment and proximity to your home and/or workplace, is recommended depending upon your circumstances.


An understanding mother-in-law can be of immense help to your baby while you are away at work.


A good and trustworthy maid can also take care of your child in your absence-

The qualities of a good maid are :

The maid must be neither too young nor too old and must be interested in child rearing

The maid must be child friendly, trustworthy and must have a good personal and environmental hygiene.

Father’s support:

The father should take turn with the mother in pacifying the crying baby, look after some day-to-day needs of the baby, say toilet care, changing the nappy, giving bath, putting him to sleep, provide help to her in kitchen, in shopping and in laundry.

His helping mindset comes as a short in the arm for the problems that a working mother faces.

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