Child safety

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Child safety tips – Check out the best child safety procedures and tips at home and at school and consider good child safety products. Children are generally unaware of the dangers posed by different items and situations. They need special protection and extra guidance in all their activities during their initial years.

Child safety tips at home and in school

Children tend to go to kitchen frequently as the mother is mostly there and the father and older children are out of the house.

The child needs attention and the mother is the best source, so the continuous attempts to enter kitchen, as we all know, has a lot of hazardous activities going an like boiling, frying, cutting, grinding, crushing, scrubbing etc. and an innocent child can grab the knife, sweets jar, steaming kettle, the fork, cups etc.

He may try to open boxes or containers and would like to taste what they contain (even pepper, red hot chilies, spices etc).

The child enjoys emptying the containers an floor, mixing their contents, playing with them and may even put harmful things in his eyes or mouth or rub on his body.

child safety tips

Avoid any cooking while holding a baby in your arms as the child may try to jump on to the stove or may feel giddy with all the pungent smells and the fumes.

Avoid holding a hot drink in your hand, with a child in your hand as the child can in a fraction of a second try to grab the item, which may scald the child and even yourself.

The table cloth should not be left hanging too low as the child may hold and pull it down, bringing all the dishes down and also hurting himself.

Do avoid allowing a child move around freely with a glass milk bottle is his hand because should the child fall, the bottle is most likely to break and the broken glass pieces may injure the child’s skin and eyes.

Child safety tips for parents

Never ever leave a child unsupervised in the kitchen and keep all electrical gadgets away from child’s reach.

The bathroom is another place where a child should not be left unattended. He may drown in inches of water, get soap in the eyes or pour toilet cleansing fluid over the head or drink it.

All these situations can be very harmful. Do not leave children alone even for a few seconds in the bathtub, near a swimming pool, water bucket or a toilet bowl. They can drown in less time than it takes to answer the telephone or a door bell.

In the bedroom, the dressing table is very inviting with all its glass bottle and other fancy things.

Anything made of glass, e.g. nail polish bottle, can break and injure a child. Therefore, do not allow small children there alone.

child safety tips

A child can also lock himself in a cupboard or trunk which he cannot open easily from inside. This may be fatal as he may suffocate. Hence, keep all cupboards and trunks bolted.

The study room with its pointed pencils, pens, ball-point pens, ink bottles, pins, paper clips, and other such items can also be quite inviting to a child.

Yet, all of these items can hurt a curious child. So do not leave these items on the table when you are not using them. Keep them in a drawer.

Do not let the child stay alone in storeroom, workshop or a garage. These places are generally full of a variety of potentially dangerous items, tools and gardening equipment. He can get badly hurt in numerous ways.

Furthermore, as the workshop or the garage is generally at one end of the house, a child’s cries for help may not be heard easily inside the house, thus delaying prompt medical attention.

child safety tips

Child safety tips at school

Check that nowhere in the home and at school is an electric socket at a low level. A child can insert his finger or even a paper clip, etc. into a socket and get a shock.

Low level sockets should be moved up, plugged or covered tightly when not in use.


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