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List of gynaecologists in Mumbai

List of gynaecologists in Mumbai – Top 55 best gynaecologists, female doctors, leading clinics and hospitals in Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Opera House, Bandra, Mulund, Andheri and Colaba in Mumbai and suburbs with contact details, address and telephone numbers. List of top 55 best gynaecologists in Mumbai Dr Anahita Chavan, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004 – Phone 022 6757… Read More »

Physical changes during pregnancy

Physical changes during pregnancy – 15 most common body changes during pregnancy include breast changes, and maternal and physiological changes during pregnancy Most of the common ailments during pregnancy are minor and can be relieved by simple changes in lifestyle. As a result of tremendous changes occurring in the body, discomfort, muscle pulls, bleeding gums… Read More »

Planning to have a healthy baby

Planning to have a healthy baby – Pregnancy Planning and Pre-Conception Care is important if you are planning to have a healthy baby. Make healthier choices for your child – 11 quick tips ! Today, with the means of contraception easily available and the number of working women on the increase, a pregnancy is often… Read More »

How to confirm pregnancy

How to confirm pregnancy – Missed period, blood and urine test and visit to the doctor. The simplest way of knowing that you are pregnant is the missed period. Along with a missed period a woman may feel nauseous, may need to urinate more frequently and feel tenderness in the breasts. When you go to… Read More »

How to deliver a baby in an emergency

How to deliver a baby in an emergency  or how to deliver a baby at home Place the woman in left lateral position until the baby starts delivering. Then she can be allowed to roll on to her back and draw her legs up for bearing down. Keep her covered with blankets until the baby… Read More »

Which milk is good for baby

Which milk is good for baby for artificial feeding – More about Cow’s milk, buffalo milk, skimmed milk, feeding bottles and teats Cow’s milk is preferred for artificial feeding especially if you do not want to make the things too expensive. Milk powders are costly but have the advantage of less contamination and adulteration. Buffalo’s… Read More »

Artificial feeding in infants

Artificial feeding in infants in the form of bottle-feeding of infants In spite of the widespread recognition that breastfeeding is the best for babies, artificial feeding especially in the form of bottle-feeding has somehow come to stay. The mothers who opt for it as a matter of choice may take pride in saying – it is… Read More »

Breastfeeding and drugs medications

Breastfeeding and drugs medications Almost all drugs taken by lactating mothers are excreted through breast milk, usually in very small amounts. But, if a drug is required to be given in a large dose or over an extended period, breastfeeding may prove damaging to the infant. Antithyroid drugs given to the mother with thyrotoxicosis (a… Read More »

General principles of breastfeeding

General principles of breastfeeding – Correct positioning for breastfeeding and compulsory burping is the recipe for successful breastfeeding. Remember the most reliable criterion of adequate supply of breast milk is the progressive weight gain. General principles of breastfeeding Firstly, the mother and the baby should be comfortable and relaxed at the nursing time. The mother,… Read More »

Breastfeeding problems and breast abscess

Breastfeeding problems and breast abscess Nearly ten per cent of breast feeding mothers suffer from a breast abscess in the weeks following childbirth. These abscesses are almost entirely preventable in the first place and arise only because the ‘modern’ mothers feed their babies in such a strange way. Because they breast feed by the clock… Read More »

Post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy or belly

Post natal abdominal exercises to reduce tummy or belly Do not forget to continue the post-natal exercises that you learnt in the hospital. Make exercise a routine at home. More about post-natal exercises While you are happy with the arrival of the baby and trying to return to the routine, don’t  forget to regain the… Read More »