List of aerospace companies in Switzerland

By | November 23, 2016
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List of aerospace companies in Switzerland – Top 26 best, largest, defense and private aerospace design, machining, technical publication, component and parts manufacturing companies in Switzerland with contact details, address and telephone numbers for good job vacancies for aeronautical engineers and technicians.

  List of top 26 best aerospace companies in Switzerland !

AMAC Aerospace, Hésingue, Switzerland. Telephone +41 58 310 32 12.

AMAC was founded in 2007 to create AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland. Today they are the largest privately owned facility in the world offering narrow and widebody VIP Completion and Maintenance for the corporate/private aviation market.

Their ambitious progress attests to their commitment to excellence. With their long-term industry engagement, deep industry roots, extensive experience and strong international network, they collaborate to exceed the expectations of clients, airworthiness authorities and original equipment manufacturers.

RUAG Space, Zürich, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 306 22 11.

RUAG Space is the leading space company in Switzerland. Companies and sites that are now part of RUAG have shaped Swiss space activities from the very beginning.

Since the inception of the programme, RUAG Space has been responsible for the development and manufacture of payload fairings, which protect satellites on the nose of the launch vehicle from the forces to which they are exposed on their journey into space.

In the 1960s, long before the first Ariane lifted off from Kourou, work on the first European satellite, ESRO-1, and the high-altitude research missile Zenit, marked Switzerland’s initiation into space flight.

List of aerospace companies in Switzerland

Aurora Swiss Aerospace, Luzern, Switzerland.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace is a young and dynamic company serving the equipment, support, and operations needs of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) users throughout Europe and nearby regions.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace is a subsidiary of Aurora Flight Sciences of Manassas, Virginia, and can therefore draw on the nearly 25 years of experience that Aurora has in the development, design, manufacturing, operations, and support of advanced UAS systems.

From their base in central Switzerland, Aurora Swiss Aerospace is well-positioned to meet the needs of government, military, police, and commercial users of UAS across all of Europe and surrounding areas.

Jet Aviation, Basel, Switzerland. Telephone +41 58 158 41 11.

At Jet Aviation Basel you can benefit from almost half a century of experience. Their world-renowned maintenance and completions services also include extensive avionics, engineering, refurbishment and paint capabilities.

They are an approved service center for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream aircraft. In addition to jet aircraft repair station ratings by the FAA (#QV1Y440K) and the EASA (#CH.145.0232) they also hold approval certificates of 17 other national aviation authorities.

Emteq Europe, Bachenbülach, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 218 12 00.

Founded in 1970, Flight Components AG was acquired by EMTEQ in 2007. Located in Bachenbülach, Switzerland, EMTEQ’s European office historically focused on manufacturing exterior lights as well as avionics and navigation systems for the aviation industry.

EMTEQ’s European Customer Support Center performs the following services:

  • Presentation of EMTEQ’s full product portfolio
  • Consulting and program management
  • On-site support for installations, software upgrades, and troubleshooting
  • Production and final assembly of exterior lights and cabin/cockpit products
  • Maintenance services – testing, repair, overhaul – for all EMTEQ products
  • EASA certification services

List of aerospace companies in Switzerland

Maritime Aerospace, Staad, Switzerland. Telephone +41 71 761 30 08.

Maritime Aerospace AG provides first class interior and exterior services for the aviation industry and is well known for its operational excellence and Swiss habits. Located at the Airport St. Gallen / Altenrhein in Switzerland Maritime Aerospace AG is a certified Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization and a Part 21G EASA Production Organization and delivers the needed documentation with every service.

For the general aviation industry Maritime Aerospace AG serves its customers with complete capabilities including seat and panel upholstery, carpet replacements on site, wood reveneering and revarnishing, electroplating, leather upgrading, on-site smart repair and window services.

For the commercial aviation industry Maritime Aerospace is the leading provider for interior paint services, cabin smart repairs in first and business class, leather seat cover upgrading and cabin window repairs. The helicopter interior and exterior one-stop-shop completes the service portfolio.

Maritime`s highly knowledgeable and motivated international team , the state-of-the-art paint infrastructure and the new shop floor area with more than 1000 sq. meters provide the platform for sustainable premium service results.

Bombardier (Hungary) Capital Csoport-Finanszírozó Korlátolt Felelösségü, Zürich, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 318 33 33.

Ixo Aviation, Genève, Switzerland. Telephone +41 22 312 07 07.

RUAG Schweiz, Bern, Switzerland. Telephone +41 31 376 64 50.

Meggitt SA, Fribourg, Switzerland. Telephone +41 26 407 11 11.

Aviotrace Swiss, Mendrisio, Switzerland. Telephone +41 91 224 37 66.

Marenco Swissconsulting, Mollis, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 552 33 33.

RUAG Aviation, Stans, Switzerland. Telephone +41 41 619 52 52.

TAG Aviation, Meyrin, Switzerland. Telephone +41 22 717 00 00.

Basel Technik Aerospace Design Office, Basel, Switzerland. Telephone +41 61 201 18 60.

List of aerospace companies in Switzerland

Thommen Aircraft Equipment, Muttenz, Switzerland. Telephone +41 61 965 22 22.

Jet Aviation AG, Zurich FBO, Kloten, Switzerland. Telephone +41 58 158 84 66.

Jet Aviation, Kloten, Switzerland. Telephone +41 58 158 86 86.

Jet Aviation, Basel, Switzerland. Telephone +41 58 158 41 11.

Alpine Air Support GmbH, Brütten, Switzerland. Telephone +41 52 345 36 05.

Pilatus Aircraft Limited, Stans, Switzerland. Telephone +41 41 619 61 11.

Arbeitsgruppe Für Luft-Und Raumfahrt, Zürich, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 202 93 88.

Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques, Cointrin, Switzerland. Telephone +41 22 747 61 11.

Albinati Aeronautics Geneva / Meyrin, Switzerland. Telephone +41 22 306 10 60.

Micos Engineering, Dübendorf, Switzerland. Telephone +41 44 533 80 00.

Swiss Drones Operating, Sevelen, Switzerland. Telephone +41 81 785 20 10.


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