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The list of best hospitals in the world includes the top hospitals in India – including the list of top 100 best hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and in Bangalore.

In Asia, check out the list of top 10 hospitals in Bangkok, Singapore , Seoul and in Hong Kong with contact details and address information.

For the best in ranking in Europe and North America, refer the list of hospitals in London, in New York, California, Florida and in Toronto, Canada.


As all of us are aware, hospitals  are health care centers or institutions that are constructed to take care of patients suffering from some form of illness. The healthcare system varies from country to country.

Accordingly, refer to the list of best private hospitals, eye hospitals, cancer hospitals, cardiac hospitals, public hospitals and maternity hospitals for treatment.

Earlier most of the hospitals were funded by religious organizations and charitable trusts. Today, many of the private hospitals are funded by doctors, surgeon and other individuals.

list of best hospitals in the world


In India, there are government public hospitals and private hospitals. Some of the hospitals in Maharashtra Karnataka, Pune and Tamil Nadu are much sought after by Indians and medical tourists, since they rank among the best in India. These have very good facilities to handle pregnancy and also for delivery.

These lists of top 10 and top 100 hospitals in India provide the best medical facilities for treatment of breast cancer, neurology, kidney transplant and are among the top cancer hospitals, children’s hospitals and heart hospitals in the world.

Similarly the hospitals in Gujarat , Uttar Pradesh and Punjab cater to the medical patients in need of eye surgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgeries, diabetes treatment, heart, ENT, TB, dental and swine flu treatment.

The hospitals in Goa meet the medical needs of the local people and tourists from across the world, while those in Kerala meet the need of the southern state of India for the treatment of diabetes, heart, back pain, cardiology and swine flu as well.

Internationally, the top medical tourism destination in Asia is Singapore. The list of top 10 best hospitals in Singapore cater to kidney transplant, cancer treatment and other medical requirements of the residents of Singapore and a large number of medical tourists as well.

list of best hospitals in the world

The other top medical tourism spot in Asia is Thailand. The private hospitals in Bangkok for breast implants  are of a very high international standard, spread over large areas of land and provide the best medical treatment.

If you are looking to the west, you will find that- in this list of the top 10 best hospitals in London, are the best maternity, nhs and private hospitals in London, UK. Also among the hospitals in Toronto, Canada are the best maternity, teaching and cancer hospitals in Toronto, Ontario.

In the US, the hospitals in New York City, Los Angeles, Florida and California, certainly rank among the top hospitals in the world, with world class medical equipment, world class treatment and with the best medical doctors in the world.

These include cancer hospitals, maternity hospitals, cardiac hospitals and the top psychiatric hospitals. Check out the list of hospitals in the US that can handle Ebola and hospitals in the US with bio containment units.

Besides also, these hospitals cater primarily to mental health, rehabilitation, university / teaching and general acute care. It is important to check the medical facilities available, panel of doctors and post surgical treatment options.

Hospitals in the US are among the top trauma hospitals and teaching hospitals in North America, whereas hospitals in London are among the best maternity and private hospitals in UK.



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