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Healthy fruits – Eating low carb, dry, high fiber, low glycemic and citrus fruits involves knowing the health benefits of eating fruits. Fruits are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

All about eating healthy fruits for good health !

Fresh fruits and dry fruits are the natural staple food of man. They contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in a rational proportion. They are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Fruits and vegetables are a must in every person’s diet plan.

They are easily digested and exercise a cleansing effect on the blood and the digestive tract. Persons subsisting on this natural diet will always enjoy good health and will be able understand the many health benefits of eating fruits.

Moreover, the ailments caused by the intake of unnatural foods can be successfully treated by fruits. Fresh fruits and dry fruits are thus not only good food but also a good medicine.

Healthy fruits

Natural Benefits of healthy fruits

Fruits have highly beneficial effect on the human system.

The main physiological actions of fruits are as follows:

Hydrating Effect

Taking of fruits or fruit juice is the most pleasant way of hydrating the organism. The water absorbed by sick persons in this manner has an added advantage of supplying sugar and minerals at the same time.

Diuretic Effect

Clinical observations have shown that potassium, magnesium and sodium contents of the fruits act as a diuretic and diuresis – frequency of urination is considerably increased when fruits and fruit juices are taken.

Alkalinising Effect

The organic acids of the salts in fruits produce alkaline carbonates, when transformed within the organism, which alkalise the fluids. All fruits promote intestinal elimination.

This keeps the body free from toxic wastes which creep into the blood from an overloaded, sluggish intestinal tract.

The carbohydrates of fruits are chiefly in the form of sugar, dextrin and acids which are easily digestible and are completely absorbed. Hence, they are very useful for sick and invalids for quick energy and heat.

Mineralising Effect

Fruits furnish minerals to the body. Dried fried such as apricots, raisins, and dates are rich in calcium and iron.

These minerals are essential for strong bones and good blood respectively. Some fruits, like custard apple, furnish calcium to the extent of 800 mg. per fruits, which is sufficient to meet our daily requirement of this mineral.

Laxative Effect of healthy fruits

The fibrous matter in fruits, cellulose, aids in the smooth passage of the food in the digestive tract and easy bowel action. The sugars and organic acids contained in fruits also increase their laxative effect.

Hence, regular use of fruits prevent and cures constipation.

Tonic Action

Fruits, as dependable sources of vitamins, exert a tonic effect in the body. Guavas, custard apples and citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, are particularly valuable sources of vitamin C.

These fruits are usually eaten fresh and raw, thus making the vitamins fully available to us. Several fruits contain good amounts of carotene which gets converted to vitamin A in the body.

A medium-sized mango can provide as much as 15,000 international units of  vitamin A which is sufficient for full one week and this vitamin can be stored in the body.

The common papaya is an excellent source of vitamin C and carotene.

Fruits are at their best when eaten in the raw and ripe state. In cooking, they lose portions of the nutrient salts and carbohydrates.

They are most beneficial when taken as a separate meal by themselves, preferably for breakfast in the morning. A combination of fruits with fruits with vegetables is not considered good.

In case of sickness, it will be advisable to take fruits in the form of juice. However, juice should be taken immediately after extraction as it begins to decompose quickly and loses its properties.

Healthiest fruits and cures of the body

Fruits are highly beneficial in maintaining acid-alkaline balance in the body.

They neutralise the toxic condition of the body resulting from excessive intake of acid-forming foods and restore its alkalinity.

They help clear the system of morbid waste and cater to the body’s requirement of natural sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Fasting is considered as Nature’s oldest and most effective method of treating diseases. The best and safest way of fasting is ‘juice fasting’.

The procedure is to take the juice of an orange or any other juicy fruits such as grapes, grapefruit, mosambi and pineapple, diluted 50:50 with water, every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Nothing else, whatsoever, may be taken, as otherwise the value of the juice fast will be entirely lost. Canned or frozen juices should not be used. The total daily liquid intake should be about six to eight glasses.


Next to the short juice fasting, the all-fruit diet is nature’s finest eliminating medium.

The value of fresh juicy fruits in overcoming of all diseased conditions, especially chronic diseases, by the cleansing of tissues, is incalculable.

The all-fruit diet is highly beneficial particularly in cases of  bronchitis, rheumatism, chronic catarrh and constipation as it fills the body with life-giving minerals salts.

In the case of the all-fruit diet, one should take three meals a day of fresh, ripe juicy fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, peaches, melon or any other juicy fruit in season.

Healing Properties of healthy fruits

Moreover, certain fruits can combat specific ailments. It should, however, be remembered that in the therapeutic use of any fruit as a treatment for specific disease, nothing except that particular fruit or its juice should be taken in the system at the time of treatment.

Thus, when utilizing lemon juice as a food remedy, the juice should be taken at least half an hour before consuming any other food.

healthy fruits

It has been found that fruit sugars, calcium, iron, vitamins A, B-complex and C control the gradation of heart energy.

Hence, eating fruits like apple, lemon, orange and pomegranate can aid the proper functioning of the heart and keep it healthy even in old age. Fruits like apple, date and mango have a direct action on the central nervous system.

The phosphorus, glutamic acid and vitamins A and B-complex of these fruits exert a protective and tonic effect on the nerves.

Hence, regular use of these fruits in the diet will sharpen memory and prevent nervous exhaustion, mental tension, hysteria and insomnia.

All berries, being extremely rich in iron, phosphorus and sodium, are highly beneficial for blood building and nerve strengthening.

The lemon can be a good food remedy in case of liver ailments, indigestion and rheumatism. Watermelons make the best kidney cleansers.

The water flushes through the kidneys and the traces of various minerals contained in the water act as healing agents.

The soothing qualities of pineapple and pomegranates are helpful in catarrh, hay fever and other chronic nasal and bronchial ailments.


A generous intake of healthiest fruits in the diet enables a person to lead a healthy life. Dry fruits and fresh fruits prevent all diseases and keep a person smart, energetic and active all through his life up to the ripe old age.


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