Healthy food for beautiful skin and hair

By | December 10, 2013
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Healthy food for beautiful skin and hair – Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Iodine and Proteins

Good nutrition is the starting point on the quest of beauty. When we refer to food we refer to all the nutritive. Edibles required by the body to keep it fit and healthy.

Very often faulty diet gives rise to unpleasant beauty complications like weak and lusterless eyes, blemished complexion, bad teeth, limp hair and other beauty problems.

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Therefore, if you want to be really beautiful, you should include in your daily diet all the vitamins which help the body to be healthy and attractive, slim and trim.

Listed below are all the vitamins which are very essential for keeping yourself beautiful:

Vitamin A

This vitamin corrects and prevents night-blindness and helps the tear ducts to secrete their natural moisture – the best lotion in the world to keep the eyes naturally sparkling and attractive.

healthy food for beautiful skin and hair

It also prevents eye-strain and fatigue and keeps them clear and bright, and it is very helpful for hearing properly. A lack of this vitamin can be instrumental in decreasing the hearing capacity.

It is also useful for maintaining a clear, bright and youthful complexion.

Carrots are a rich source of this vitamin. Drink a glass of fresh carrot juice daily and see how it puts a sparkle in your eyes and brightness your complexion.

Beetroot is another item of food which contains a lot of this vitamin (besides having vitamin C and calcium). This vegetable acts as a laxative and makes the sluggish bowels active.

Mustard greens and all types of green leafy vegetables are rich sources of the vitamin A. They are very beneficial for the complexion because they make it blemish-free, smooth and glossy.

healthy food for beautiful skin and hair

Amongst these mustard greens helps the complexion to get rid of embarrassing blemishes; spinach has laxative qualities; parsely is an excellent blood-purifier and breath sweetener and the tender leaves of lettuce help the body to relax and get good sleep.

Amongst fruits, apples are a rich source of this vitamin. The malice acid contained in them serves as an antiseptic for teeth, stomach and eyes.

Taken last thing after dinner, they help cleanse the teeth. Bananas and papayas are the other sources of this vitamin; they also help prevent constipation.

Grapefruit juice, if heated and mixed with honey and taken last thing in the night, helps induce sleep. It also helps people who are hard of hearing.

Vitamin B

This vitamin is very essential for sound hearing. Vitamin B prevents cataracts in the eyes and baldness. The Chinese as a race rarely go bald because they literally live on soya beans, a very rich source of this valuable vitamin.

This vitamin prevents early greying of hair and keeps the skin wrinkle-free. Excessively oily and cracked skin can be traced to the lack of this vitamin. Youth and beauty-wise this is an indispensable vitamin.

healthy food for beautiful skin and hair


Pigmentation of the skin and ulcers in the mouth can be prevented by this vitamin. It is also helpful for restoring natural colour to the hair. Yeast, a very rich source of this vitamin, is sometimes referred to as anti-grey food.

This you can get in the form of tablets. Increasing baldness, blood-shot and strained eyes can be corrected with this vitamin. Liver, curds and buttermilk are the richest source of this vitamin.

Vitamin C

This is excellent for the eyes and also corrects hearing defects. It gives healthy pink gums and prevents wrinkles. Indian gooseberry or amla is the richest source of this vitamin.

It prevents tooth decay, brightens the eyes and hair, puts a glow into the complexion and aids digestion. If taken for sufficiently long time it cures almost all the ailments of the digestive tract.

Other good sources of this vitamin are liver, tomatoes and oranges. Take a glass of either tomato or orange juice and see your teeth gleam and shine.

Vitamin D

This is known as the sunshine vitamin because it gives you a sunny smile. It also prevents tooth decay, makes the bones strong, straight and firm and helps to induce sleep.

The best source of this vitamin is sunshine. Therefore, always try to relax in the sun for at least two hours daily. Other sources are fish, cod-liver oil, milk, butter and eggs.


Calcium is very essential for preventing tooth decay and is very necessary during the growing period – it is during this period that if the blood becomes low in calcium the nerves become irritated and consequently tension sets in.

healthy food for beautiful skin and hair


Good sources in calcium are: milk, eggs, cheese, buttermilk, curd and beans.

Iron and Iodine

Iron gives a rosy complexion by preventing anaemia. Liver, apricots, eggs, almonds and soya beans are the rich sources of it. Iodine helps keep the body slim.

All the kinds of fish from the sea are the best source of iodine because sea water is the most important source of iodine. It is also found in fresh green vegetables to some extent.


The facial skin is made up mainly of proteins. Inadequate intake of proteins causes tissues of sag and the skin to wrinkle.

Proteins also assist the natural muscular corset of the abdomen to remain firm and youthful. Its main sources are meat, fish, nuts, poultry, cereals and milk.

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