Causes of skin aging in women

By | December 7, 2013
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Causes of skin aging in women – lack of proteins, vitamin B, vitamin C, menopause, make-up, keeping frequent late nights and consuming too much alcohol.

Skin is a part of the body just as the liver, heart and kidneys. When the flow of blood is hindered to the skin for any reason, the skin hardness, thickens and loses its normal appearance.

As you grow older in years, the circulation of blood to the skin is lessened and it loses its youthful appearance; its colour changes and wrinkles begin to form on its surface.

The speed of aging starts at 25. it is slow between 30 to 35, fast between 35 to 50 and very quick between 50 to 65.

But you can cheat the calendar and preserve your youth by giving your skin regular care and attention both from within and without.

Lack of proper circulation of blood to the skin is mostly due to the lack of proteins, vitamin B and vitamin C. Protein foods supply all the amino-acids essential for keeping your skin youthful.

causes of skin aging


If the proteins and amino-acids are inadequately supplied to the body, the tissues begin to sag causing wrinkles to appear.

Like proteins, vitamins are important to the rebuilding of tissues and muscles of the face and body and preventing of wrinkles.

Between the cells of the skin is a cementing substance known as collagen which depends upon vitamin C for its elasticity.

Always remember that your facial muscles are living elastic tissues and that they can be nouri-shed and built up from inside only with a good and healthy diet.

Besides eating a proper diet there are many other factors which influence the youthful appearance of the face.

For instance it is an established fact that the male secretion in the female body makes the skin youthful, brighter, firmer and smoother.

Therefore, many women turn beautiful immediately after marriage and during the time of pregnancy. Another cause which spoils the skin is the removal of uterus.

causes of skin aging


Its removal heralds in a dry and lusterless and blemished skin. Therefore, if it is very important to your health then only have it removed and that too after consulting a number of specialists and not otherwise.

Another enemy of youthful skin is menopause. At this time the body goes through severe physical and hormonal imbalance because the walls of the uterus are papering and drying up.

As a result the body stops manufacturing estrogen which is very essential for keeping the skin young. The only remedy for this is to keep the skin moist and supply from outside by the regular use of home-made moisturising creams.

Among the main causes of skin aging in women is over-exposure of the the skin to the sun. this only dries up the skin, accelerates ageing and also darkens it.  To slow down this dehydrating process women in tropical countries should drink a lot of water and fruit juices.

Other enemies of youthful skin are regular use of heavy make-up, keeping frequent late nights and consuming too much alcohol. To keep a youthful face you have to take diligent care of your skin.

But before you embark upon the programme of looking after your skin you should know the type of skin you have – there are many types of skin.

You can broadly classify the types of skin into normal skin, combination skin, greasy skin, dry skin, sallow skin, sensitive skin, chapped skin and withered skin.

Find out into which category your skin falls and give it the correct treatment. Remember it is very important that you use the correct treatment for your type of skin.

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