Mix essential oils

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How to mix essential oils – Mixing essential oils with coconut oil is good for face and body massage. Also see equipment required to mix oils. Remember the mixture selected by you and liked by you may not be necessarily liked by others too.

How to mix essential oils

After studying the features, properties or category, select the essential oils you wish to mix and use. It is preferable not to mix more than three oils at a time for use.

Also select the oils belonging to the same category. For example if you want to use more than one oil, select them all from either floral, spicy, citrus, green or woody.

how to mix essential oils

Hence you can try out a mixture of perhaps lavender, rose and ylang ylang as all these belong to the floral family.

Once you have selected the oils you want to mix and use, try the combination in a smaller quantity before you mix essential oils in a large quantity so as to not waste the oils.

Cut long strips of blotting paper, drop a drop each of the selected oils in case you wish to use equal amount of all the oils selected. In case you have decided to use any one or two of the selected oil more than the other, add two drops of those.

Now hold the strip and move the oily tip of the blotting paper backward and forward under your nose as you inhale the aroma. Allow your sense of smell to be the judge and guide you in selecting the combinations.

Since aromatherapy is very personal you should get another person to do the similar test before mixing a combination because it is not necessary that the mixture selected by you and liked by you should necessarily be liked by others too.

how to mix essential oils

Equipment needed to mix essential oils

 A 10 ml dark colored glass bottles with stoppered caps for storing pure essential oils.

Four eye-droppers or pipettes. You could use one only if you thoroughly wash it every time after every use.

A small funnel for pouring carrier oils into bottles.

A large, dark colored, glass, stoppered bottles for storing the combinations of oils or a ceramic bowl for immediate use. Please do not use metal containers or bowls.

Strips of blotting paper.

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