How to use Aroma Oils

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How to use Aromatherapy essential oils – Some of the common ways of using these oils are steaming, diffusers, vapourizers, massage and baths. The most common form of treatment is massage because of the dual benefits of touch therapy and aroma therapy.

How to use aromatherapy essential oils

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways at home and place of work.

Some of the common ways of using aromatherapy essential oils are:

Add 2-3 drops of essential oil depending on which oil you have selected to the hot boiling water and inhale the steam by covering your head with a towel to stop the steam from escaping.


Steaming helps open the pores of the skin and thus more oil is absorbed, giving the additional benefit of a facial. The bowl which has the hot water and the aroma oil could be left under the bed, so that the room is enveloped in aromatic fragrance.

how to use aromatherapy essential oils

This could be done with the same bowl of hot steaming water and essential oil, which had been used earlier for inhalation. A drop or two sprinkled on a handkerchief can give a lasting benefit of the aroma oil.

For a peaceful and relaxed sleep, one or two drops of essential oils on a tissue kept inside the pillow or cushion could be used.

Diffusers and Vaporizers:

Diffusers are generally made of ceramic or clay. The diffuser has a cave like opening to house small candles or earthen oil lamps and the top is shaped like a curved cup to hold a little water and few drops of aroma oil.

Fill the top cup with water, add a few drops of essential oils – depending on the oil chosen and then light the candle or the lamp.

If you want the oil lamp to last for a long time, add castor oil to the earthen lamp because castor oil burns for a very long time as compared to the other oils, used to light a lamp.

Once the water and oil heat up, evaporation takes place and the whole atmosphere is filled with the aromatic scent. The process of evaporation continues for nearly five to six hours.

This is ideal to create a conducive environment, in a gathering or even in hotels, living-rooms and bedrooms.

One can get instant relief from pain when a relaxed and positive feeling prevails, when the right oil is used.

Vaporizers are the insect repellants used normally in the form of mats for the purpose of repelling insects. One could re-use the used mats by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil of your own choice and keeping them lit electrically.

As the smell is released gradually, the entire area will be filled with aroma.

Lemon or rosemary are beneficial for offices, lavender for bedroom, antiseptic tea-tree for disinfecting a sick room and citronella for repelling the insects.


The most common form of treatment is massage because the dual benefits of touch therapy and aroma therapy are simultaneously enjoyed.

how to use aromatherapy essential oils

Aromatherapy massage improves the circulation of the blood, tones the muscles, detoxifies the system and releases trapped energy from tense muscles.

The fragrance triggers a sense of pleasure and well being. The penetration of essential oil through the skin during massage – is high.

Generally, carrier oils like sunflower, coconut, olive, sweet almond, sesame and vegetable oils are mixed with aroma oils.

The aroma oils should not be used for massages directly without dilution. About 10 drops or essential oil can be mixed with about 30 ml of carrier oil. This makes a vey rejuvenating massage oil.


This is an easy way to relax using essential oils. Add the selected oil to your bathtub, stir the water well and spend about 20 minutes in the tub.

The aroma oil enters the body through the skin to give lasting benefits. Just a few drops are required to be added to the bathtub. The essential oils can also be added to a bucket of water instead of a bathtub.

Mix the oil in the water properly, as some of the aroma oils are insoluble in water.

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