Health and medical information website for all families

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Health and medical information website for all – providing free online health tips and reliable medical info on fitness, food, fruits, home remedies, first aid, diabetes, diseases, beauty and nutrition for all families !

Health and medical information website for all families !

For medical treatment, search for the best hospital from the lists of hospitals in India, US, UK, Asia and Europe with contact details, address information and telephone numbers.

Medical tourism is not a new concept. Today, people travel to different cities and even countries to avail of the best medical treatment in the world. Check out the list of medical tourism destinations, info on medicated baths, hot water therapy and the list of top spas across the world.

Besides, you will find articles on child carebeauty, common diseasesfirst aid, aromatherapy, medical tourism, diabetes, benefits of fruits, food, heart attack, home remedies and how to take care of animals.

Check out important healthcare information, finance and safety advice related to hospitals, medical colleges, health insurance and pregnancy, meant for men, women, seniors, business professionals and career oriented individuals.

It is important that every family must have a good health insurance plan. It pays to refer to the lists of general, life, home, car, travel and health insurance companies in US, UK, India, NZ, Japan, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, UAE, Australia.

Health and medical information website for all

Searching online for more medical info, study of diseases and alternative medicines like aromatherapy and homoeopathy medicines, is necessary for all fitness – conscious men and women. Learn more about the top pharmaceutical companies in US, UK, India, Australia and Canada.

The functioning of the human body and its mechanism and systems and knowledge of home remedies for different ailments is very important. Hence posts related to home remedies for dandruff, pimples, cold and cough, female infertility, goitre, fatigue, ear pain, indigestion, dysentery and myopia are included in this category.

Perhaps, it is worth mentioning that being in good financial health is also important to be able to be in good physical health. Hence, a new section on finance has been introduced to help everyone take a concrete hold on one’s finances. Read more about best business to start, rental properties, taxation info, charitable trusts and home loans.

Child care tips and child safety and precautions are of utmost importance and an entire section has been devoted to this which includes swimming safety tips, kitchen and road safety rules, toilet training, role of fathers, proper diet, bed wetting and lots more !

Health and medical information website for all

The section on pregnancy is helpful not only for expectant mothers, but also for fathers. Read more about artificial and breast feeding techniques, post natal abdominal exercises and how to confirm a pregnancy.

In the sections on hospitals, the lists includes the top private, government, esi, cghs approved hospitals in India with contact details and address for eye, heart, cancer, ent, tb, ortho, dengue, kidney, pregnancy, master health checkup, dental and diabetes treatment.

Also, it is prime importance for all members of a family to have a working knowledge of first aid measures to be adopted, in all emergency situations. Basic first aid and first aid for burns, for heart attack, for fractures, for accidents and important antiseptics, etc are detailed for the benefit of all individuals.

Remember, you cannot hope to win a beauty contest, if your daily intake of food does not consists of fruits and vegetables. Health benefits of raisins, lime, orange, jamun, figs, apricots, apples and grapes are explained in great detail.

Health and medical information website for all

In the section on beauty, you will find interesting articles on hair transplant centers, beauty parlours, cosmetic companies, inner beauty concepts, jewellery shops, wedding planners, skin ageing in women, how to dress well and lots more !

And finally, make sure you read more about the best nursing schools, foreign universities, international schools, dental colleges, veterinary schools, nursing homes, old age homes, biotech companies, pharmacy schools, agricultural and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

But remember, advice mentioned here is never so helpful or safe as a doctor or medical assistance.

We wish you and your family – the best of health in the year 2017 !



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